06 March 2011

need a photographer?

assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to non-muslimshttp://www.emocutez.com

how do i start eh? well, my title has already told the whole story basically .
cameras, photos and people .
seriously, they have become one unique team these days aint?
i do believe that in these millennium days, almost everyone can effort one camera ,
especially the artsy ones: lomos/polaroids/dslr
yeah, but except me .
(hai, aku gune camera fon cikai aje =_=)

and to learn about how to get your pictures as interesting as you wish,
its easy !
as long as you got the strong will,
i promise that u can have the best of the best .
wa ? wad ar yu trying tu say woman ?

haha straight to the point,
a friend of mine is a very talented photographer .
and i am suggesting u guys to hire him if u want any of ur events keep memorable in ur photo albums .
seriously, he got magical hands, which can turn u from a beast, into a beauty .
(maksud aku, gambar yang dia ambil memang sumpah awesome !)

guess who?
its quchai .
this is his belog
take a look at his adv below,
thanks !

p/s : kejap lagi nak kena mintak royalti dekat quchai
sbb gune muke aku yang huduh jd adv dia .
bhahah !

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