06 March 2011


assalamualaikum to all muslims and hello to non-muslims,

luahan hati . 
it is something that is very rare for me to write it in here .
well because, i am not a person who publish everything i feel especially when i am not flattered .
in the other words, i seldomly tell others about the things that make me upset .
word seldom has different meaning with never word .
of course, as a human being, i cant swallow everything on my own .
nobody cant .
can you ?
just, i dont like to be someone's burden .

last two days,
i had a very bad hair-day for me seriously .
is what i felt .
people claims that they never see gloomy face of mine .
that is so not true .
its just, u were not running into me when i had that face actually .
and today,
i am supposed to be like, wow !
sorry .
it had fail .
it so hard to explain why .

i will be away for quiet some time .
i do happy for this holly journey .
because not everyone got his kind of chance .
but, i am puzzled of myself .
and yet, i cant figure it out .

astaghfirullah ,,,,,
dear ALLAH ,,,,
i am the most despicable one .

thanks dear Mr. H for coming by .
i really appreciate your effort by coming to me .
thank you very much .
thank you for these things :

 seriously, i will be needing this much as that place is some droughty place

the itsy-beadsy diary for me to write in my journey for two weeks
he got one too

i gave him one . for men . :)

p/s : seriously, i feel like i want to do almost everything before i am going