22 January 2010



where r u going una ? susuk ?

ouh ! theres atiq to0 !
its cinema, isnt it ?

the muvie will be 2hrs from now.
una got to pee but the toilet is so full =(
hv to wait la

lets try some clothies !

im hungry !
stomp2...to the daily fresh !

omaigod, she stopped by .
rejectshop first, then daily fresh

yeay ! got the corn ~ yum yummy ~

una wants to get into harriz bookstore .
atiq joyahly wanna hide her corn into susuk's bag
'im afraid the alarm will ringing if i brought it in'

toys ! ! !

barbie !
susuk's childhood play
omaigod, she was so obsessed wif this thing

'i wanna get somethin for acap...'

'hey, this thing is memorable.i got to play this thing since i was in the kindergarden'

'i cant find my book...'

atiq is missing.
una ?
theres only susuk there

hey ! i found it !
yeay ~

kruk kruk .
hey guys, my tummy is growling again

atiq ; 'what am i gonna eat una?'
una ; 'haih atiq, u r such a hungry-monster today'

yeay ! the time is up !
let watch case 39 ~
bubye guys ~

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