23 January 2010


everybody got their own way of thinking. everybody deserve to shout out their thoughts. everybody does have their own style. in order to keep everything in place, one shud hv to respect the other one. respect her thoughts. respect her way of life. respect her opinion. respect her ability. respect her condition. respect her situation. however, because of the ability of human which is the Lord's most beyondable gift = mind, people can think wat eva they want. either positive or negative thought. no body can control it except the owner. basicly, im not here today to post something which is similar with what my school's principal hv said on every assembly. no . but, im here today to give out on what my mind had to think. i know, i am well informed but everyone around me dat im such a happy girl who looks doesnt hv any problems. theres a several time where my own gud frens hd asked me :

" kaw ni mmg tak ade prob kan. aku xpernah nmpk kaw bermuke mcm risau2 ke.takot ke.berkerut penuh masalah ke. chill je slalu. kenape eh ?"

and guess what, i can only smile and laugh and feed him back :

" tak adelaaah...mane ade manusia y x punye masalah. ak slalu je kne timpe maslah =) "

" habes kaw buat ape kalu ngah ade masalah ? "

" hm.....ntah ek.ak pun taktawu. ak ni jenis y slalu terpikir gak kalu ak ade maslah.sgt selalu.tp kalu ak pk pon xjmpe solution.so lelame ak mls nak pk.ak lupekan.pastu ak bergembira.hehe"

guess who hd always asked me this kind of Q ? 1 of my besty mohd zulhalmi pungot. 2 things dat i always kept in my mind are,

* dont be a revenger. my fwen hd told me this when i was in form 2
"mak aku ckp, biarkan je la kalu rg tu wat jht kat kite.kite xpyh layn, kite xpayah bls.kite senyum je.even dy benci kite skalipun kat kite, kite xpyah benci dy balek.sbb 1 day nati, dy dpt balek ape y dye wat jahat kt kite tu"

* dont jugde a book by its cover

these 2 thing hv always guide me in this horrible life. 1 first 1 will be always my priority. howeva, this principle of mine hd been washed out slowly day by day.becoz of what ?becoz of the frustyness dat i always get.astagfirullahala'zim.i hv to get back in the line.i hv to.i must.

another thing that i would like to post here is, about dont jugde a book by its cover thing.okay, i know dat everybody love to comment bout me dat i am such a childish.unmature.yep, i do proud with their compliments.but, although i am looked such dat way, i hv my own mind dat is for sure is mature enuf.i cant think well.think wisely.think until i can get my own resolution.think on what do's and dont.think think THINK THINK THINK !

p/s ; sowi. bad hair day. broken english.

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