21 January 2010

WHAT . AM . I . GONNA . WEAR ???

pagi ~
today is thursday.
tomorrow will be friday .
and saturday will be the next day .
n i hate saturday but in the same tyme i cant wait the saturday .
why ?
i hv oc test in the morning .
i hv iem dinner at nite .
i hv already get prepared for the test since last wix ,
but as u all know ,
dats the only thing dat i hate the most bout myself .
howeva, for the dinner,
i am 100% not prepared for it .
i hv nothing to wear .
nothing .
its vintage retro theme .
i love the theme !
seriously, heart vintage ! heart heart heart !
hv checked out the clothies since last wix in the blogs i admired .
hv thought t0 buy it online with the most murahmurahmurah price,
but i dont think i can make it .
the delivery day will be tomorrow .
although its poslaju,
but still it will be late .
because i am at utm .
huh .
sooo ... what am i gonna wear ?
i dunno .
all of my fwens got their own dresses .
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ~

my outermost favie from little vintage house

my second favie from doolu-doolu.blogspot

long dress? hmmm

heart this

heart this too !

this too !

thinking to wear skirts .
but, it will be awckward huh ?
for some kind of girl like me ?

tp lastlast, xbeli apeape pn.
sbb x sempat lah .
bz ngan test .
next wik je ad 2 test berderet .
transport tu bole la.
suke sbb lech y aja besh .
tp kne byk wat exercise wo .
but how bout the other 1 ?
termokimia kejuruteraan kimia .
haiiiihh .
dats the only word dat i can say .

p/s : for those who dunno what vintage is,
vintage is a fashion dats is so0o0 old .
some say its ur moms' fashion .
i do agree sbb mmg mak sy dlu pakai mcm tu .
sis ana has suggested me to wear je mak punye bju dolu2 .
seksi ouh mak dlu !
n sgt la kurus mcm model , like paris-hilton-type-of-body .
fuuuuuh ...
jgn xcaye .
mak sy dlu sgt hot !
hehe mak, bkn skank mak xhot,
tp peradaran masa telah mengubah body mak y telah beranak sebanyak 4 kali .
heeee ~
jgn mara mak =B
muah syg mak sampai mati .


mak buat lawak .
beli telekung tp xmuat di muka .
hahahaha gelak xhengat ouh !
ops abah kat blakang .
sencored !

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