26 October 2010



its been a day ,
its been a day i have not seen you ,
its been a day i have not heard you ,
its been a day .

i remember ,
the way you first spoke to us , 
yes i remember ,
the conditions you gave for us being your students ,
yes i remember ,
the me that did not know you well yet ,
yes i remember.


every week ,
thrice a week ,
i will see you at the front .
every week ,
thrice a week ,
i will lend you my ears from the back.
every week ,
thrice a week ,
i will laugh at your jokes.
every week ,
thrice a week .

do you know ?
that the class started to get interesting ,
as interesting as the children got sweets and candies .
do you know ?
that we started to like you ,
as like as our own father .
you, being you .
you, supported us in any ways ,
you, always remind us in clever ways ,
you, love us in indirectly ways .

but then ,
you read us that poem .
you told us your stories .
hey, dont you think that its not fair?
cause it seems like yesterday we have met,
cause it seems like yesterday we have entered into your first class ,
cause it seems like yesterday we have our convoys ,
cause it seems like yesterday .

however ,
this is not the end .
just like you said ,
Aku kasih dan sayang pada kalian.
kuharap kalin pun begitu jua..
bila aku tiada di sisi kalian.
bukan bermakna aku membenci kalian.

what else can i say ?
thank you very much mr hbb ,
for your teaching ,
for your lessons ,
for your kindness ,
for your joke ,
for your stories ,
for your energy ,
for your advice ,
for your time ,
for being our best lecturer ever .
and last but not least ,
for you keep calling me ella :)

P/S :
im not being sentimental or bodekbodek 
tp im being honest .
ye mmg betul encik hashim baharin telah meninggalkan suatu kesan kpd aku sekelas .
ini bukan tiputipuan .
tp kenyaaan .
tak percaye ?
pergilah jd student beliau .

 husna's open house

 husna's open house,
see, you cant tell whos the lect isnt it ? ^__^
because he is willing to join his students :)

 on our way to liyana's open house .
see, how kind he is for voluntarily to give my dear classmates a ride :)

 hehehe n this is at aziana's open house .
berkonvoi 6/7 kereta including hbb ke pontian di mlm2 hari :)
cayalah hbb !

 tgk, tgk . siap berhenti kejap beli ice cream on the way back from aziana's .
hemp ! aku xjoin ! jeles2 hahaha

this is at his house .
oh, the choco cake was sooooo oseeeem ! :D

dan di bawah ini adelah gambar2 yang di capture oleh hbb sendiri .
it was our last class .
it was yesterday .
n from what he said,
kami pencetus idea utk beliau menghasilkan album student2 nya .
psssstt , adekah hbb amat menyayangi kami ?
weeee ~
kami sayang hbb juga !

 urgh, okay, ella sedang berjoyah . malumalu


lots of love,


  1. wahh bez2 poem ko?
    thnks mr HBB..appreciate sgt.

  2. we'll keep him as 1 of our convoy list.hehehe..

  3. syely, sume org duk bantai tido, ak wat poem lak haha !

    j, ofkoz !

  4. jum lah buat majlis makan malam bersama hbb !! huhu! lepas ni susah mahu jumpa dah !~ ^^"