16 March 2010

S U N D A Y . F U N D A Y ???

i hv no words to begin my writing today .

sedara jauh's wedding at taman johor jaya .

abah making fun of himself .

emak had exhausted .

then, at night, accidentally joined the
p1 wimax had organized dis event
which is supercool !
me n him were super blur coz we got the

as a not-so-loyal fan of man u,
i had great tyme to be here !
seriously, still in shocked coz we got the VIP PASS .
khusyuk oh tgk bola !
*see my VIP PASS on my right hand !
bahahah !

the havoc event got RELA under control .

so much AMOI here n there serving people .
the crowd was so .... uh, MENGAGUMKAN .
even it was very noisy wif the cheers n the wisels,
but i dun care . *usually i do care coz i dun like crowded n noisy places .

moved to be in front of the crowd .
whoaaa ~
i feel like to dance to the floor .
banging heads .
shake the butties .

hah ! must use all the cupons !
dude ! got s0o0o0 much of em !
u noe what, dat nite,
we ate so much food !

chicken wing lazat =P

uh, lets play !

oke la...
even u cant achieve those starz' speed,
u r the highest among the others =)

still kompius ,
how come we were chosen to be the VIP ?
MAN U rawks dude ~
kalu tambah mase bole je sumbat 4 .
sorry fulham =)

yang paleg xpuas hati,
sng2 aje jercy man u ory fri2 kat owg terpilih .
soklan paleg sng,
sape tuan umah world cup .
hoi ! budak xskola pon leh dpt . uwa !
igt na stay for next game,
tp siyes pnt wei .
yelah, abg ipar dah buli bwk keta sepanjang hari .
make, pulanglah kami .
kupon xgune sume .
so sad =(
burn ! laen kali ko bg ah aku fri jercy !
*eh burn ensem jugak eh ?
nana dah ade, ko biler agi ?
really like to hear his malay tone .
supercool !

p/s : i hv family trip dis saturday .
i hv warned him earlier,
not to put so much hope .
see ... what hapen ?
i hv no intention to let u down .
zip my mouth .
bai .

hari ini aku pembuang mase yang paleng bejaye .
di siang hari, ak pentido y paleng extreme .
jee kuar dari bilik ak,
ak mmg tido .
jee tido kat bilik dy .
bile dy dtg lagi, still ak tgh tido .
see my desk .
kuat mkn betul !

the full sight .
besepah .
hari ini hari paleng malas .
im the fat big lazzy bump .
so dis is the proof dat im not ready yet to be som1's wife .
seorang y pemalas, pentido, penyepah, pemarah, pengemo, bla3 .
jum dgr lagu kesya blablabla .


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