18 February 2010

T H R E E . T H I N G S . T O . S A Y

first of all ,
mcm byk aje things dat i wanna do .
the biggest event dat i realirealirealirealireali excited about is ;


i tried to win 2 tickets from fly.fm
in a zillion of people, can i be the lucky 1 ?
it is worth to try kn ?
in the mean time, i shud check out its real price .
eh wait, check dlu pasport expired bile ...

second of all ,
yesterday mom gave me 200 bucks .
eh ? pelik ni .
oooh , mak suruh update buku akaun .
patutlah sis ana msg ,
" wei, apesal mak tgh2 mlm td tny psl bk ac cimb ko ? mak ngigau eh "
tp buku x jmpe pun, hm maybe kat utm la tu .
tp hampehnye, mak :
" err..nak balek duit tu "
hahaha alasan = nak duit besar .
bukan usually people wants small change ke ?

third of all ,
sometimes, aku berfikir .
how will it be if im accepted to study
teringat tahun 2008 ,
aku ke shah alam untuk interview .
fyi, drawing is my greatest hobby .
hm, used to kot .
sbb since i was in utm ,
i almost forgot how to draw .
teringat lagi,
sejak sekolah,
people praised me dat im gifted ,
dat how creative im .
geli je, ak x la gifted pn ,
minat . dats the most appropriate word .
they gimme fully support to get involve in any art thing .
n i hv kept dreaming to join any art school .
dreaming to enter some overseas art school .
but it was just a wonderful daydream .
matrix day, was the starter of segale kacaubilau .
boleh dikatakan zmn kejatuhanku .
( geli je )
hal ini sering bermain di dlm fikiran .
hv u ever feel too-aware n too-afraid to fall ,
just becoz people around u put the highest hope onto ur shoulder ?
ia bukan sesuatu beban bg ku ,
tp ... things turn up to be too difficult when i cant achieve their highest hope .
then, to make it bitterer , they started to compare u with others .
sains hayat .
dat is not my purity .
not my course .
not my choice .
im more into physics .
but when i try to be a gud daughter ,
this disasterous thing happened .
aku tak boleh bawak .
i dunno . *sigh
i dun blame anyone but me, myself .
becoz of this thing , my interview was a failure .
but, it was 1 of my best experience thou .
i hv to draw a weird yet interesting masterpiece for only an hour .
i hv the chance to meet the artistic people .
i even hv the chance to see people's masterpieces !
which were so awesome !
then, when i got in here, utm .
i got to forget all that .
not forget but keep it in the save side of my lil cute brain .
a few months earlier was a difficult time for me .
yalah, budak hayat belajar fizik .
there r only 2 among us y people around us kept asking,
" kenape kau bole join course ni eh ? "
its me n sarah .
n i just smiled n laughed n shrudded .
i accepted it as a challenge .
tp kdg2, hati sayu melihat bebudak FAB ( fakulti alam bina )
kehulur hilir bwk diorang pnye case y besa tu .
lihat mereka lepak di studio .
lihat mereka berseniseni .
ada juga rakan mengajak lepak di studio .
mereka mmg kerap stay up siapkan projek di studio .
tp, tak pergi2 juga .
seganlah hehe .
eh, dah menyimpang jauh betul .
see, when i got to remmber all the past things ,
smpai esok pn x habis .
now, im a positive thinker .
what past is past .
my future is about art no more ,
but its about ENGINEERING .
kdg sayu jugak nak menjawab pertanyaan longlostfriends :
" eh, syg nye, nape ko x involve architecture ? "

check out me n my sis's faces in yr 2006 .
ana kurus lagi, belum kahwin .
n aku pulak terkangkang .
haish !

p/s : lets listen to enrique iglesias ~
hero <3
n to muhamad syazwan mahat, happy birthday~
i am truely sorry for all my past behavior on u .
yeah i still remember .
lets start our new lives =)))


  1. sue,
    ko sangat berbakat.
    so start lah lukis lagi:)
    we have so many things to regret to
    tapi takpe,life must go on.
    touching la bace entry ko:(
    aku suka je bace novel2 ko dulu
    btw,aku dpt masscom kat uitm
    tapi amik gak utm:(
    n turn out utm wasnt the great answer.huhu.
    suxx gila.tapi kena teruskan gak.huhu.
    u go girl!!

    about syazwan mahat:wah,aku teringat waktu form 4.dekat 4/3.HAHA

  2. wawa,
    dah lupe nak melukis cane,
    ak jeles sbb ko ade kne mgene ngan art hehe
    yikes ! novel aku ?
    haha malumalu jgn disebut haha
    lah, utm bkn great answer ko ke ?
    hm...but u seems to b happy what huhu

    n about saswan, hahahahaha
    btw, tengkiyu wawa for stoping by

  3. novel tajuk 'student life' ak rse.
    ermmm idop tak slalu cmne yg kite rncg.
    kekadang pe yg jdik tu lg gle dri pe yg kite penah pikir tp still ade hkmah nye.
    blasah redah dan tros kn idop sdaye upaye.
    psl syazwan ak msih ngeri dgn hal keja mngeja di jusco!!!

  4. eh ko,aku pembaca setia kot.hehe

    btw,aku minat paramore gak..huhuuu

  5. aan : hee tanx, dlm kalangan kite2 berenam, ko y paleg matag haha n pasal syazwan, yelah ! sape leh lupe, smpai kite kne tgal bus, org sume mkn sesedap, kite duk la tgk mlsian idol aha

    wawa : aaaa sadaaap~ gelije wat novel haha, yeah go paramore !

  6. HAHAHHAHAHA matang kew....lawak je la....