23 November 2009

W H A T . F R I E N D S . A R E . F O R

harini ak menjadi pusat kaunseling bergerak .
kwn clash .
broke up .
separate .
berpisah .
bercerai .

well , i must help him becoz he helped me alot .
when i was in a big crysis with * ,
he helped me .
he brought me to karoke .
( which is the besh way to scream out loud )

when i had trouble wif some stranger guy ,
he helped me n beated dat guy .
( which is not necessary )
if he was not there , i think maybe i hv been raped .
thank god .

he really2 hv helped me alot unoe .
so , now , he is in trouble .
wif his family thing .
wif his love thing .
i must be there for him .

some of my fwens alweys told me ,
dat they wish t0 see me n him get together .
they thought dat we will be a perfect couple .
they thought dat he is better 4 me than * .
becoz they saw me is much happier when i am wif him, rather than * .
they said dat i will be much happier wif him than * .

hmm...dat r their opinions though .
i can do nothing but laugh .
yes, i admit dat i alweys laughed when i am wif him .
dat is becoz he is a gud fwen of mine .
but , dat is not my happiness .

p/s : jgn lupe kwn . jgn mkn kwn . kwn penting dlm ssh n sng . jgn jd kwn y xbegune .

X . O . X . O

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