26 November 2009

C A K A P . K O S O N G

some said dat thru writing ,
all of their inner feelings can be let out .
sometimes , she can do nothing but to agree .

is she a trouble maker ?
she has no talent at all .
she cant made others feel satisfied .
she cant even giv some wonderful happiness .
however , she does has one single talent .
making others t0 mad at her .

in these past 2 days ,
she received a lot of angry comments bout her .
she doesnt noe wut t0 do anymore .
even she tried her besh ,
it still cant get the satisfaction .

once she tried ,
n there is still no satisfaction .
stop .
she will shuts .
not dat she is giving up .
but ,
just stop .
she thought dat her affords were all just a futile yet disgraced .

haih .

p/s : woke up in the early of the morning,
got a text from him dat his leg is bleeding from an excident .
gosh . i tried t0 reply but got no creadit .
hopefully his okkay .
but what i can d0 now is just waiting .

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