17 November 2009


hari ni macam biase ,
woke up at 10 ,
did some laundry ,
heated up the nasi goreang from mlm td ,
dan bekfes .
sambil tgk hbo .
sambil lipat baju .
the muvi ended at 11.30 am .
went down n c0oked .
finished co0king at 12.30 pm.
fiuh ... kehidupan saye sekarang mmmg seperti seorang isteri aka surirumah yg berkaliber .
kan ? =)

okay, enuf wif all dat boring stuf .
last nait, i played the latest DYNASTY WARRIORS (6) ps2 game wif ares .
among various types of ps2 games ,
i like dis kind of game .
its about japan n china's history .
its a kinda like the RPG type of game .
but, what make me love dis kinda game is becoz ,
its a war . n i can cho0se whoever i like as the leader .
there r alot of characters which so0o0 awesome co0l !
n so0o0 awesome handsome ! ! * haha
usually i pick da handsome one n i wont pick female charac .
sbb suare dye sedang berlawan sgt gedik n seksi . * eww
my second reason is ,
i can kill people as much as i like !
bahahaha ! im not a psycotic maniac okke ...
the battle againts thousands of soldiers t0 become history's greatest wariors .
dats the aim of dis game .
is it weird for a person like me to play dis kinda game ?
yela..tadi cerita saye bersurirumah,
tp upenye maen game sebegini rupe . bialah ! hehe

ini lah ! besh taw =B

 p1 kat atas . manakala p2 di bawah ~

oke, on tha right side is ZHOU YUN .
while on the other side is LIU BEI .

during the battle

funny is it ? becoz a girl like me, love dis kinda game .
heleh . bialah . x ganggu kowank pon . * wink2

 X . O . X . O

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