16 November 2009

H A P P Y . B D A Y . N A D I A ! ! !

we hv been frwens since we were form 5 .
tidak lah lame mane,
namun, we r BFFs hehe
tusyen kimia...petame kali kenal,
then rapat . even we were not in tha same skool,
but since then,
i olweys ajak her to join ape2 y kami lakukan .
sehingga lah KAMI SEMUA RAPAT .

fyi, there was some crisis between her n zahhar .
n eventually, it involved me .
becoz of dat, she ran away to Dubai .
( she is anak datok )
but then, things going better n better n better ~
she selalu tid0 rumah saye semase saye OKU .
( afta tha OP )
she helped me much at dat tyme .
love u babe ~
so0o...hm...wat would i buy 4 her ??

afta spm . haha wif NADIA ~

when im in the fes year . while shes in poly


like dis pix ~ even bergegar hehe
i was so0o gedix !

wif zul n nadia

from left : NADIA , YANA , ME , NAB
RAYA 09 !

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