19 November 2009


dis kinda thing hv been stuck in my head since last sem .
haaaaa ..... im wondering .
is it me the reason of the fallen of his rsult or wut ?
o oh ...
what am i gonna do . just sitting around n do nothing ?
ntah ... its his decision la ..
what i can do is just lending him hands .
support ? advices ? blablabla

kdg ak mls gak nk blaja ni .
sbb maken ak blaja ,
maken tah pape ak dpt .
1 day , ive asked abah
me : abah , what if 1 day , i cant stand it anymore . n i drop out .
abah : n why is dat ?
me : coz its to0 hard . i think i cant make it la abah .
abah : why do u cant make it ? if everybidy else around u can do it ,
so do u .
me : its just to0 hard . =(
abah : u can do it okke . just dont think something dat will make u down .
think wonderful things .

hmmmmmmm ....
biler dy ckp mcm tu ,
ak xtrase smgt nk blaja pn ?
ase byase je .
just troskan je pe y ak dah wat skang ni .

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