06 November 2011

pray for me

hello all,

as usual, as you guys are shocked seeing me all of a sudden in this abandon blog, same goes with me. so sorry for not being here for such a very long period . naahhhh, i bet no one is waiting for me here but i think, apologizing is the best way as my starting word for this very first entry for this season . 

honestly, i used to love blogging . i used to share anything i like which i think it is suitable to be shared here in the public . and my style of blogging was changing due times . from immature and childish thing, to try-to-be-mature-thing by sharing my cookings (euw), to doodling (sumpah kejap je ni sbb leceh), to prelove-selling (xuntung pon =_=") and blah3 . but something that i would rather to share since centuries ago but i kept avoiding to write it in here is, about my life . not just life life . its about something that is realy happening in my life . okay okay, its about my problemo to be exact .

yes .
some people made this blogging as their medium to express and share their probs and get feedbacks from their readers . it is a good thing and i respect to those who have the courage and not asshamed with their probs . however, it is not good forever as they hade been too depending on this type of medium which sometimes would bring another unexpectable new probs . for an instance, i bet you guys know abby abadi right?

pity her . seriously, i am very pity for what had happened in her journey of life . from what i have known, after she and her zul ariffin got into a huge fights, she who had been in a massive stress had wrote in her blog that their relationship was over . but somehow, her zul ariffin denied it which he claimed that the relationship was so complicated and he didnt gave any break up words . and in the end, their relationship got worsen .

you see, the main point is, im not trying to be in favor of any party . but, what i am trying to say is, when something had been arroused in our life for such a very long time which would bring us into a massive stress, anything could happened with the incapability of our brain to fuction correctly . dont you understand how serious and danger of stress is?

again, my main point among all these main points is,
i have been in a stress condition for about a year .
honestly, not to be proud of but im not a girl who could easily let my own probs take control of my mind, body or either soul . no no no . since 20 years ago, people kept asking me :
" weh kau ni kan, aku jeles lah asek gelak dan happy je . kau xpernah ada masalah eh? "

and i was like :
" haha ! yeke? mana ada . biaselah semua org ada masalah, cume ak jenis malas pikir . biaq p la "

but when im involved in this particular prob since about a year ago,
i cant be me .
im turning into a pathetic woman .
who got her pride disgusted and stepped onto repeatedly .
although i do know that i have to end it for the sake of my own life ,
but , im being stupid and idiot .
i think, when the time comes ,
i can be me again
and have the courage to get up and put my pride up
and it is your turn to be at the bottom .
at that golden time, i will be needing you no more .
at that golden time, i hope that i am pathetic no more .


  1. yang,nape?ade masalah besar ke?mungkin dengan cara meluahkan pada kawan.rasa lebih tenang.sekurang2 nya tak stress lagi.:)

  2. @syalira, babe , u know whay happen :S

  3. is it the same thing had happened again?

  4. is it the same thing happened again?

  5. @syelly, errr not exactly same thing . haih

  6. ni entry kau paling kudos aku penah baca. meleleh ayaq mata wei~

    well, sue, i think i can guess it tp kena huznul zhon kan... my advice, set aside all the problems and solve it slowly. just keep calm and think as smart as u can. jgn gopoh2. in this situation what u need is not just a friend, but a listener!

  7. @syalira , :)
    @innanie, well, u can guess it, thanks alot giler with your adv ! :)