03 August 2011

trying something new?

assalamualaikum and hello

hins . buruk kan?
well, this is the thing that yang dah lame berlegar dalam kepala hotak aku,
tapi malas dan rasa macam tak layak je nak buat .
tp, in the end, ter buat jugak .

this is doodle !
i am doodling !
i may call it " draw " in a simple way .
most of people doodle through tumblr .
tp, alang2 aku dah lame ada blog ni, so i guess,
i doodle through blogspot jelah .
kesian blog ni, dah lame wujud,
tapi kosong aje .
plus, skang aku mcm mls mahu bebel2 kan,
so, i think, i will continue blogging by doodling .

this is just an effort to full fill my empty time during hols .
maybe when my disease is back (kemalasan mahu update blog) ,
this doodling thing will be stopped too .
who knows~

p/s : its ramadhan guys,
so happy ramadhan to all !

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