23 January 2011

kerja melambak ! argh mari ber-facial ^___^

hello guys !
morning morning and happy sunday funday http://www.emocutez.com

nothing much to say right now.
because i think i got brain-shocked due to the piles of works,
so sometimes fro now, i could be too dull, dumb, and blur

oh, talk about piles of works of mine,
yesterday, the day that i had promised myself to finish up all my works,
but in the end, it was unsuccessful like usual,
i had accompanied my beloved mom for a relaxing facial session .
aaaahh ~ i wish i could joined her but my head kept thinking about my works .
so, i have became a person who looked like a very busy woman or a business woman
who got soooo much projects in hand . duuh ?
because i brought along my lappy and did my works at a place where people should forget about their works
dude ! i think i am a person who got a really large L-letter on the forehead .

ah ,,,
tapi, buat kerja buat kerja,
still xdpt idea,
lalu mendapat idea utk ber-youcam .

aaaahhhh ~
i am total loser .

p/s : have u ever tried to think about being yourself in the past ?
have u ever tried to think wether which one of u, r a better person ?
people claimed themselves are mature enough that their could deliver out minds and reflections maturely .
yet, they dont know that people who sees them are the one who knows the truth .