28 June 2010

hutang kedua : langsai !

hip hip, horey !
got another award and this time,
its from my old fwen aimi .
tanx aimi for giving me this !
wohooo !


Write 5 interesting facts about the person who gave u this award
oh ! shes got hottier since she got married wif her beloved hubby * woot ! woot !
her hubby was also went to the same skul as me n aimi went .
recently, shes selling contact lenses online *gudjob dear !
i know she loves red colour *but not that im a stalker of u taw haha
the true fact is she is the one who gave me this award ;D

Jot down 10 interesting facts about yourself and your hobby 
10 ? whoa, isnt it too much ?
oke layan ~

1.can be too loud or too quiet
2.can be too emosional or too heartless
3.can be too mean or too kind
4.can be too harsh or too soft
5.can be too negative or too positove

cukup kan sepuluh ? hehe

Pick your most 10 deserving recipients and describe them
10 lagi ? adoi,
oke macam ni,
sesape yang nak,
sila ambil,
oke tak ?
hehe baru la adil ~


  1. haha..hot ke aku?
    tipu ea?perli x agak..haha..
    aku dah bertambah alim sket la..
    sebab dah pakai tudung lepas kawen..huhu..
    bagus sebab tau aku suka RED!!hehe..

  2. haha oi oi ak ckp hot not from dat side la, hot merah , merah kn pns haha