26 June 2010

hari ini jom belajar BIOLOGY : HUMAN ANATOMY

the beginning .
ini lompat ape ni ? mine was long jump .

since then, guard is used to prevent the dislocation of the knee .
but still, it dislocated quiet a huge number .

from partial tear, it became serious .
when the twisting occur repeatedly,
acl injury, it is .

see the tear ? its inside of the knee .
cant see from the front or behind but it is inside .

there you go . an operation to reconstruct the acl .
do click to enlarge the pic .

see what i mean ?
the acl is inside of your knee .
it can be seen when you bent your knee .

3 months wearing this, made my leg like a bigfoot .
hairy like hellyeah !

see these girls knees ?
dat r the scars from the acl injury's op .
*peh ! dedua lutut ko hambat adoi !

its necessary to do dis after the op .
physiotherapy help to build your leg's muscle .
yelah, your leg is forbidden to touch the ground for atleast 3 months .

then, you have to use this .
urgh ! what a nitemare .
tergelincir mmg terbaek ah perasaan .

its advised not to do any sports xtvt at least 8 months .
oh btw, acl injury usually caused by sports xtvt .
so, after 1 year, the pain is stil there .
the clicking is still there too, like there is something unfinished in there,
which let clicking sound out loud .
damn ! so, this celecoxib drug is so usefull .
dont take it unless it is a real pain .
its a drug rite so its dangerous la .

n this gell also helpful .
*huh to be true, none of these two are help me much anymore .
dah imune kot . haih  T___T

make, disebabkan perkara tersebut, i cant see any of these pix
or something y bekaitan mcm bunyik tulang2 patah ke,
pix2 bdarah2 kene op ke,
adoi . trase di lutut .
tp ak upload gak pix cani hahaha

peh ! skt bodo gmba ni !

so, in a nutshell,
do take a gud care of yourself .
red alert ! :
jgn lupe warm up sebelum bersukan sbb dats is my cause of all causes .
thank you .

p/s :
day by day, i never loose hope to get better .
but, still, the pain wont go away .
n its enuf .
its the same anyway whether i do take a really extra care on my knee or not,
the pain is stil there .
so, i think, its better for me to get active back to do dis n dat bcause,
but then, i shud b thankful cuz he had showed up .
without him, i think my knee will be gone .
i will try to get the pieces of my confidence back dear .
thank you so much muhammad hilmi hussain .
lebiu !

second p/s :
ini serius .
dikala ku kecundang punah harapan utk kembali seperti sedia kala,
dia ada membantu disisi .
ini serius .
dikala ku tidak mahu menjaga sebaiknya,
dia ada menasihati .
oke, mmg tak pernah ade org ambil berat pasal godamn lutut ni
sepertinya even diri aku sendiri .
he made me touched n realised dat i shud keep going
n never stop sbb ,,, sbb nak pkai lame lah ltut ni !
blom kawen ag dah ad ltut cam org arthritis apehal !
jatuh saham jatuh mas kawen gua !
sekian terimakasih .


  1. mesti sakit kan...kawan ML pun kene jugak.tp lelaki la..terpaksa kitorg pimpin2 die..bawak nek kerusi roda bagai dekat airport.Sebb die injured tym main bola kat moscow ni.Die just keluarkan blood jek kat sini..then smbung treatment dekat msia.xsure la bile die nak buat surgery.

  2. huhu tula, kdg maen2 byase pon certain org leh kene,jatuh pon leh kene, ML just aty2 aje slalu hehe to ur fwen, gudluck for him ;)