21 June 2010

aku si anak tunggal

yesterday was quite a weird day for me .
u noe, im not a favorable or desirable child .
what do we call it ? ANAK EMAS .
among all of my siblings, i think im the 1 who doesnt get all the attention,
which i can stand on my own feet since u cant .
people called it independent o in the simple way,
we called it, can take care of myself .
i do everything on my own .
i handle things on my own .
i fix my inner thoughts on my own .
even i dont tell em my prob .
n the fact dat i think im not 1 of em is always playing
in my mindsince i was a child .

yesterday, im calculating wheter i shud go join my parents n ares or not .
ares got to participate some kind of motivation thing
since hes gonna take his PMR exams in 3 months .
yet, im called by some instint dat, its better for me to off wif em .

okay, n it was a very exhausting day for me .
went here n there .
nonstop .
only me n my parents .
its kinda funny i guess .
cuz in 1 second, i think people will see me as the 1 n only child .
who gets everything cuz i really got em paid dis n dat so much !
hahahahha hey, i really nid to get u all clear on dis okay .
especially my own parents .
its true . nak mintak duit paleg xreti .
cuz i think i hv burden em too much .

n we talked much too .
so many things .
no exception .
including boyfie things .
YE !
*they r not like others' moms n dads who will go shoping wif u guys' boyfies . ;o

n the most paleng teramat sgt pelik weird but true is,
when my beloved sang merah transformed from dis

into dis 

argh ! but stil !
ase xbesh gune ni !
i think im being possessed by sang merah whereas i stil feel guilty
by being cheated on sang merah .
wuwuwuwuwu n i determine, someday when i got some money,
i will got sang merah repaired .
muktamad .
even mmg dah terkopak sini sane, *siyes mmg dah pecah skrin sume
but stil, i love sang merah the most !
*woooo ! beriban pkai duwet sendri tau !
hahahahha bukan mahu blagak tp sedeh sbb sang merah dah wosak tewok .

oke lah, itu sahaja .
mak begitu gembira berjumpe dr ****** buat kali kdua .
but im not as interested as her meeting him .
cuz i think he got reali big mouth .
got his nose as high as he wants by all the good things he got .
peh ! ko sesuke hati nk ngutuk org watpe !
personaliti tv tuh ! ko nk kne saman ke susuk ?
xpe2 ak xmention name dy kn ? ;p

p/s : atiq, bukan niatku utk memilih sebuah telefon bimbit seperti mu .


  1. susuk, ak pndai ngepaw. ehem. bak 5 engget. =]

  2. ehh tak tau plak awak anak tunggal. tak best ke jd anak tunggal? :)

  3. uit sis, itu hanye lah sarcastic haha, adek g motivasi kat batu pahat, sambel nk tgu dy habes petag tu, jln2 gn parents, dpt bli mcm2, tu y ase mcm ank tugal haha

    zam, haiyak flying kick hahaha