04 May 2010



oke, ak bawu aje join mende ni .
firstly, ihv been invited for some event .
then, tgk pnye tgk ,
ad la leh dpt pass free .
then, kne la reg kat SINI
then, dah join tu,
upenye dy cam ala2 nuffnang lah .
leh dpt duit .
jengjengjeng .
ak ni pantang dpt tau leh dpt2 duit ni haha
so, mai la join .
join aje, 
dlm ni ad mcm2 gak mende interesting .
just ak xabes pusing lagi .
n skank ni xbape nak paham sgt lagi how it works .

so guys,
its free yet u can even get rewarded u noe .
so, lets join !

oh, n 1 more thing .
pasal event which i hv been invited tu .

hm, thinking to ask my dear fwens to come by .
n from there we could continue our way to ipoh .
ala, plan2 aje,
tup2 t xjadik pon .
sbb slalu mcm tu .
dy mmg takleh pan awal2 .
kalu on de spot bawu jd huhu
dunno why ~

nak free pass for this event ?

oh, another story hehe
last nite makan2
before stepping outta house .
peh, ares ! ko dah agi besa dari ak upenye haha

bosan2 tgu mknn lmbat smpi ape lg,
maen la mende ni ..

ah ~ my fav lasagne hd arrived ~
my must-hv-meal hehe
tp, mengecewekan .
maken lame maken kecik oh .
newest pizza topping .
ape tah, y penting its fish

another pizza, hawaian chicken

beloved abah n ares :)

ayok, mak sudenly got a shocking news
somebodys dead

okey ak dah gemuk .
see how tembam i am . huh !

peh ! petame kali kua mkn pizza, 
licin smpi mcm ni skali !
haha tp ak mkn lasagne n 1 slice pizza aje taw 
pastu abah maen tuduh2 mak mkn piza terbyk 
haha kelakar . make bergaduh la mereke sebentar .

oh bile blek umah, sume terkejut .
sape pasag lmpu raye ?
oh, aku rupenye . tlupe lak haha ~

n 1 more thing haha
see this AWESOME contest

p/s :
rendu empunye dolphine !

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