13 May 2010

tag ? award ?

hiyak !
tag tag tag 
kne tag ~
sape tag ?
hemp hemp hemp

go !

rules :

it's harder than it looks
copy to your own notes
erase my answer
enter yours and tag twenty (20) people
use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following questions..
they have to be real
nothing made up
if the person before you had the same first initial, you must use different answer
you cannot use any words twice
you can't use ur name for the boy / girl name question.

What is your name : suhailah
A four letter word : star
A boy's name : suhaimi ( name bpk liz . eh nape ak xletak je sukri nme bpk ak ek aha )
A girl's name : sakura ( xske popan nih dlm naruto aha emo2 )
An occupation : soldier
A colour : soft purple
Something ur wear :shorts ! ( ske pkai kat umah <3 )
A food : sambal petai ( ske ske ske ;p )
Something found in the bathroom : Shampoo ak y dah xkuarkan lg, wave curl sunsilk
A place :surau ?
A reason to being late : sori, saket perot haha
Something u shout : siot ah ! ops
A movie title : shrek ! yeay xsaba nak tgk the final chapt ^ ^
Something u drink : sirap ais . ah hausnye !
A musical group : spice girl heheh go posh !
An animal : snake ! eee tkot tkot
A street name : sesame street aha katun dedolu ~
A type of car : saturn sky

fiuh ...
oke dah menjawab segalenye
then nak tag kat sape yek
hm hm hm

er, kne tag smpai 20 ke
8 aje lah hihi
n sesape y nak leh la amek aje,
award ni pon same .
cuz i think everybody deserves it ;)

dis the award y ak dpt from nur hidayah isa gak ;D
sunshine award <3
hope my sun wil continuosly shine me infinitily .