12 April 2010


contest contest contest
kalu dlu ak sgt la xbeminat nak masuk contest
lagi lagi y kne cipta slogan or signature
even hadiah lumayan macam mane sekalipon,
ak xminat sesangat .
paleng xmenat = cipta slogan .
sbb mls nak pk ayat .
tp skank, contest y ade generally byk terdapat di internet .
n im interested to join because its easy .
PLUS they provide some super cool prizes .

hehe, n i hv joined the BOH's contest .
first time heard the contest when i was on my way
back home from utm .
FLY.FM lah y hebohkan .
n its tru FB just by sending some smiling pitcha .
hah ! its easy !

so heres some pic dat i take into consideration .
which one shud i choose ?

to be honest, i prefer the above pic actly,
i dunno why .
i just like it so much .
i dun care how burned we r 
( bawu lepas our course familyday )
just, like it wif no reasons =)

hence, i hv decided not to send dat pic . 
haha !
i chose the second last one .
hehe .
kenape ak anta y tu pon ak xtau .
haha oke,
anyone interested to join along ?
click here =)

p/s : hey, suke haty kau balek umah time tgh2 exam cani eyh !
haha ye, ak kat umah .
theres no place like heaven except my own house . =)


  1. 3rd one....baru nampak kekartunan ko...

  2. senanye ko na ckp ak kiut kn ! haha

  3. kartun adalah kelakar..jadi ko kelakar bukan kiut..

    p/s:: penah ker aku puji ko suk??