09 December 2009

Y E A Y ~

today entry is about flat shoes .

besides flip flops, flats is my second fav of fo0t wear
( act flats is in the same rank wif snickers, but i prefer t0 tell bout flats here )
i love flats dat is kiut n ballet-type so0o0 much .
however, a pair 0f gigantic feet i got here .
huwaa...which is my biggest barrier in having flats *sobsob
dat will not weaken my spirit !
i keep trying to find one which fits me the most
becoz my fo0t is easy t0 melecet wuwu *ouchouchie
i hv 1 flats dat is green in colour n heart it very2 much *mwah !

this is my flatsie
( dolu2 pnye takyah citer )

n now, dis green flatsie named GERY got 2 new sistas !
yeay ! my orders from wardrobe rehab had arrived dis afterno0n ~
n it fits very2 well ! ! ! yeeaaayyy ~ ~ ~
i feel like there r so0 much butterflies in my stomach !
it is not easy u noe to find the right size of my BIGFOOT-APES-like feet heeee~

poslaju ! poslaju ! pin ! piiinn ! !

my heart pounding loud n fast,
afraid to open coz i kept wondering whether it will fit me or not *omg

ohkaay ... 2 in 1 box

finally ! !
it fit me well ! ! ! yeaaay ~ ~
STRIPY is on my left foot while
MARIE is on my right .

btw, he likes both of em at last .
i told ya dat it was worth it
* winkwink

lotsa lurve wif hugs
n kisses

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