04 December 2009

LO O S I N G . B E L O V E D . O N E

what will u do whe someone u love is loosing his life in front of u ?
he is in pain , dat GOD will take away his life in any seconds .
urgh !

people might say dat im a weirdo freaky gal .
who cried over her cat .
hey , its my cat n i love him okkay .
does it bother u by dat ?
am i disturbing u ?
not kn ? so bialah . none of ur bisnes !

my day started with a tragedy .
early in the morning, i hv lost my puteh .
my mom open the do0r to go to scho0l as usual ,
n found out dat puteh was laying in pain , shivering in dirt .
he was so0 much in pain !
with his voice . oh God .
i was like,
freezed .
i panicked .
i just sreaming his name over n over n over again .
i cant lo0k .
i cant hear .
mom washed the dirt away from his body .
she asked me to find air kelapa .
god , its early in the morning n where can i find 1 ?
n with crv y pepagi lembab na mpos pnye enjin .

at last , he died .
he died .
puteh ... was gone .
like FOR..EVA .
i came slowly to him .
looked down onto him .
everybody cant even speak a thing .
mom held puteh , shaked him slowly to make sure wheter he still alive or not .
ares just lo0ked from far . cant even be near him . x sagop, i guess .
abah was so0 tenang .
n i was like , a crazy mother who just lost her child .

abah had said ,
dah la xyah bela kuching lagi . nati asek mati je .

i went up stairs . texted him n ana .
ana asked me so0 many Q dat i cant even answered .
my body weakening .
he asked to called him .
i did .
tears .
tears .

T H E . E N D

he who liked to sleep in various interstin styles .

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