11 July 2009

zz rest0ren y zigzag !

fiuh ~ slase mlm lepas...sgt besh mlantak sup gearbox !! waa...i like it~ where? at zz retaurant..y penoh zigzag jln nk g sane..actly, its not to0 hard to find tha place..but we were sesat becoz we didnt really know the exact way to go there..i went there only once..itupun nad y bwk memalam..so xbape igt jln la hehe..

we ordered a lot of foods..satey...sup gearbox ( 2 mgkok y sarat !) y paleg special..MEE REBUS TULANG..!! blemak giler ! tp its vry2 delicious !

anymay..tanx guys..the truth is..jee, shes tha one who helped me alot..shes the one who suggested t0 hv dinner outside n meronggeng..then una agreed..atiq n jumie came along to0..we went out becoz im having probs wif the mangkok emi

well..heres some pix we captured..adoyai..lupe nk amek gamba stiap mknan hmm..

baru sampai ~


tgu food skijap giler !

this satey is tha besh !!!

yum2 ~

pas mkn..besepah haha !


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